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Beautiful Bronze or Sterling Bangle Workshop (£120.00)

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

In this workshop, you can work with bronze or copper to make a chunky bangle or with super sterling silver to create a more delicate beautiful bangle - twisting, hammering, and shaping - a mental and physical challenge as you find solutions to difficulties and ways to add your style to the pieces you make. It is great fun and a bit of a workout!

You can combine your materials, solder or forge your bangle or create a hook and loop.

Choose from the dates available or ask if you would like to book a special date.

Please allow up to 6 hours for this workshop, including a lunch break.

Build your confidence and your jewellery collection. Enjoy a few hours of creative fun in friendly and supportive surroundings. Suitable for complete beginners, you will have the opportunity to plan and prepare with the group before the event so you can be sure to get the best out of your day.


Light refreshments are available as you work, no other purchase necessary unless you wish to use other options for your project. A one-hour lunch break allows you to explore Sherwood shops with many food outlets within just a few minutes’ walk of the studio. Free car parking nearby, good bus route, located in busy Sherwood shopping area.


  • Not all workshops will take a full day.

  • If you wish to work a chunky sterling silver bangle, please allow at least a week to purchase supplies in time for the event. You will need to purchase precious metals in advance of the event.

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