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Silversmith Courses Nottingham

My courses are carefully structured to teach, practice and apply - you learn techniques and practice them on projects you choose to do and design for yourself.

My courses run alongside local school timetables, with holidays to match.

My courses encourage the learner to explore and experiment

My courses can take you to many places - enamel, clay, casting, lost wax, etc
Alternatively, you may want to create your own course - One 2 One or as a group.

If you want to get past those sticky soldering problems, learn how to manage and use your precious metal clay or how to carve wax - Make Contact
I am happy to design a workshop or a course to meet your own specific needs, at a time and on a day to suit - just use the Make Contact form to get in touch

Wax Carving and Casting Course

Starting Friday 10th November 23            Time:  10am till 1pm

Lost wax carving - an introduction to the world of jewellery making using wax you carve yourself.  The course includes an introduction to casting so you can see the process for your self. 

Non toxic and safe to use at home, carving wax is incredibly satisfying, seeing your work become unique items of precious jewellery, setting stones, making rings - this 6 week course will introduce you to a lot of ideas.  You may want to do the next six week course too!  Price includes materials for the projects for the first six weeks.  Following on, the next course allows you to try other methods of casting and stone setting.  ​

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If you want more information please Make Contact

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